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The Brain Gang

FGCU students from The Brain Gang are a group of college undergraduates at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida. They are a group of six, and their professor is partnered with EHAS (Everyone Has A Story). The Brain Gang group consists of Adam, Josias, Sydney, Jordyn, And Abraham. As part of their Civic Engagement class, the group came together to work on a community service project to gain experience hours for their resumes.

The Brain gang is interested in becoming the 2.0 version of themselves, and they chose EHAS among all nonprofits in southwest Florida. The transformation of the human mind and how it manifests physically enchants us all. The problem was that in all of Southwest Fort Myers, they were only doing beach cleanups and social media work for mental health organizations (since they were not certified to be with patients). As due dates arose to decide on an organization, a sparkle of hope came as they reach shifted from a problem mindset to a solution-based mindset and found an organization that would fill every object of their smart goal, fulfill degree opportunities, and is a place where they could indeed be effective and part of a team. The EHAS organization is based in southwest Florida.

The EHAS program teaches individuals how to empower themselves through mental empowerment. By creating lessons on focus, critical thinking, patience, NLP, self-belief, financial literacy, creativity, and innovation, EHAS’s main priority is guiding youths to be better than yesterday. The Brain gang felt overwhelmed with university, work, and performances in their busy college lives before meeting Cornell Bunting, chairman, and founder. Following their meeting with Mr. Bunting and the staff, a flame ignited among all of the youths in the Brain gang as they realized EHAS was providing them with an opportunity to help rebuild the community.

Discover who we are! said Abraham J., who is pursuing a degree in Psychology
Abraham is a 3rd-year psychology student. Before choosing EHAS, Abraham was worried the best time to gain work experience for a grade would be wasted. “He had to find something.” However, during his meeting with Mr. Bunting, he shifted his perspective. He learned that helping the staff youth and Mr. Bunting can help him in a big way, as he realizes he could learn how to think creatively and logically again by teaching and talking to the youth about how to conquer their mind rather than letting them use them. High schoolers often find themselves chasing then living someone else’s dream when they think about keeping up with the Joneses. Abraham believes that you are what you think about all day. It is up to us whether we live our dreams consciously or subconsciously, let our nightmares hold the key, said Abraham.

Another member of the Brain gang is Jordyn, who is also pursuing a degree in Psychology
Jordyn’s goal is to help reduce the stigma of mental health issues that teens face daily such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD. She chose to go with EHAS as the inspiring story behind Mr. Bunting as he was pronounced Dead for 16 minutes and ultimately came back to life. To be able to have such a thing happen to you and be so humble about it and to transfuse the fear into a craft that you’re able to give back and teach the youth how to use it with themselves so that they be their fullest potential is something Jordyn wants to be a part of.

Adam L is another Brain gang member who is also pursuing a degree in Philosophy; his goal is a two-part goal, whereas Jordyn wants to help reduce stigma and raise awareness among those not necessarily able to talk about specific issues. Adam’s other way is to reduce boredom.

Stigma on philosophy amongst the youth. Instead of writing long papers about what someone said, he would love to teach how the application of free critical thinkers can help society climb over mountains and challenge the status quo. Monitoring debates is something Adam would like to do as well. Ultimately, he would love to help teach the philosophy of stoicism to be fearless when an obstacle presents itself, but he also finds the inner child within himself to gain back custody.
Sydney is another brain gang member pursuing her degree in Psychology; Sydney grew up around nonprofits as her mom plays a vital role in a financial education nonprofit in southwest Fort Myers. However, she wanted to focus more on mental services and help those in underfunding neighborhoods, and even college kids, know that it’s OK to ask for help and not to be OK. On the other side, raising awareness of the signs that a friend or a loved one is going through a difficult time mentally. You should and should not do things to remind the person that they are not their minds victim.

The Brain gang’s final member is Josias, who is pursuing his degree in Music. Josias’s primary goal is to advocate for mental health and communities that don’t necessarily have it but also assist people in thinking to create creatively. Because there aren’t many people who decide to pursue a music degree, however, he has fallen in love with it, and he also believes that EHAS being able to teach the youth how to think critically and creatively is something that he’d love to help with.

To the Brain gang awareness, EHAS has more important goals, such as buying land, buildings, Southwest Florida, Jamaica, Haiti, and many more places to reach the disadvantaged youths. In addition, the Brain gang is helping the EHAS market to mass audiences in Florida and around the states by bringing in volunteers, sponsorships, and many more. Because they believe that through EHAS and their podcast, they can reach a mass crowd to remind individuals that everyone has a story in the lesson, providing places for after-school seminars, debates, and sports, and providing places for those who believe they don’t have or have lost their sense of direction. Together, we realized that information is power, and the team at EHAS strives to spread valuable information on various topics that inspire and empower tomorrow’s innovators, doctors, lawyers, and presidents.
S: Raise awareness for EHAS to promote volunteer work, upcoming events, sponsorships references, and future opportunities.

M: By promoting and doing work for schools, magazines, news articles, newspapers colleges, and advocating the fantastic benefits of partnering with EHAS and joining EHAS as someone looking for mentorship by keeping a survey of numbers of volunteers before Our partnership with EHAS and as our semester ends taking another survey of how many sponsorships volunteers in meetings have been made through our group work at least 10k on Instagram, 500 podcast listeners, 30 volunteers.
A: EHAS is very attentive to the youths, helping them to think realistic, get realistic, think extraordinary, and get extraordinary.

R: Our long-term goal is to see EHAS become the following YMCA or Boy/Girl Scouts for underprivileged youth. A reliable organization, Brain Gang’s short-term goal for the upcoming semester is to promote EHAS to as many people as possible through social media flyers, school or school talks, etc.
T: Timing is critical; the Brain gang goal is by December 15th, 2022.

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