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Cornell Bunting is an author and motivational speaker who connects deeply with his audience through his words. His powerful writing inspires and entertains both children and adults. However, few are aware of the catalyst behind his brilliant writing, poetry, and inspirational speaking. Bunting’s drive to reach as many people as possible stems from his own harrowing story of survival, inspiration, and motivation.

He has extended his impact through his nonprofit organization, EHAS, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Bunting believes in using this organization to foster self-reliance and a growth mindset in disadvantaged youths. His mission is to empower young people to develop a healthy sense of value and self-reliance.

Bunting’s journey began with his first job teaching Caribbean history to high school students close to his age in Kingston, Jamaica. He also served as a school principal in Brandon Hill for three years. Bunting holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and another in gaming and simulation programming, as well as degrees in the arts and in information technology and computer science. Additionally, he completed his NICCM National Administrator’s Credential Director’s Credential from UAF Community & Technical College.

With over twenty years of experience working with youth in different parts of the world, Cornell Bunting continues to inspire and motivate through his writing and speaking, always striving to make a positive impact on young lives.