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From no man to God’s Man

On EHAS CLUB’s opening season with the Stories to Create Podcast, Cornell Bunting talks with the ANOINTED, APPOINTED, RADICAL, yet MILD TEMPERED Pastor Gregory Ford, Man of Faith & Power who preaches the Word without fear or favor! He is a Pastor with an Evangelist call upon his life but operates in the totality of the Five-fold ministry. Winning Souls and being used to transform the lives of God’s people is his mandate; he has been called into the kingdom for such a time as this, to set the prisoners free from sinful bondage. Pastor Gregory Ford talked about when he accepted Jesus Christ into his life at an early age. But, like most young people, challenges did arise… he said, BUT GOD!
He also talked about the journey with his mother during his upbringing; many great mentors and apostolic leaders poured into his life to make him the man of God he is today, releasing him into ministry as he operated around the Nation as an Evangelist declaring and preaching the unadulterated and uncompromising Word of God.

In 1992, Pastor Ford began his pastoral tenure as the Senior Pastor of True Hope Pentecostal Church, located in Immokalee, Florida. After years of faithfully laboring in True Hope’s ministry as Pastor and Evangelist, he was directed to step out and walk the vision God had placed in his heart by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. In 1997, Pastor Ford, his family, and a group of devoted Christians formally proclaimed the Vision of Anointed Word Deliverance Center in Immokalee, Florida. Pastor Gregory Ford is More than a Man with a Microphone… He is a Man with a Mission of a Kingdom Mandate.
By Divine intervention… purpose met destiny, and on October 4, 2004, a new chapter in the ministry of Gregory Ford began as he became the lead campus pastor for First Assembly Cornerstone in Fort Myers, FL. While under the Leadership of Pastor Ford, First Assembly Cornerstone has become a place of refuge and safety for many and has made a divine impact in the community and surrounding areas.

In the episode, Pastor Ford said, this is all for the Glory of God and the building of the Kingdom of God. Behind every Great Man is an anointed Helpmate, his lovely wife Marjorie Ford, who serves as his Co-Pastor of First Assembly Cornerstone. Pastor Ford is also the Father of Four Children. God has Proven Himself Strong and Mighty in the lives of the Fords. Transitioning into Destiny was not without small and sometimes testing beginnings. But, for Pastor Gregory Ford, it has always been “…all about the Kingdom and doing those things that please God.” Listen as the drama unfolds in the tale and life of Pastor Gregory Ford.

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