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Who is Dr. Jacqueline Bartley?

Jacqueline Bartley is an author, motivational speaker, mentor, business owner, mother, wife, and advocate. She is British-born to Jamaican parents. Jacqueline credits her success in life to her mother who was a nurse and her father, an entrepreneur, who despite his lack of formal education, commanded the respect of everyone he encountered because of his business acumen and desire to help those less fortunate. Behind this confident, educated mother of two, is a woman who has gone through tragedy when she lost her partner months after giving birth to their child but was determined to raise her girls to understand the value of education and the importance of giving back.

She wanted them to see through her own life that the first person to believe in you must be you. They saw as she worked full-time jobs and participated in volunteer service while pursuing a master’s degree and later a Ph.D., that hard work and sacrifices pay off. Her dedication to impacting the lives of children in underserved communities is evidenced by her work with various organizations whose missions align with her own Non-profit Every Child Matters International (ECMI) an organization that supports youth empowerment, leadership development, and community education to address social injustices upon communities of color. While her daughters understand the value of education, it is her work to empower youth through volunteer work with her ECMI and various other youth empowerment organizations that she feels has had a significant impact on their development as socially conscious young women. Her dedication to empowering young people through education is evident as she has partnered with two Nigerian NGOs to conduct free virtual English classes to help underprivileged youth to pass University entrance exams.

To highlight human trafficking; her book “Ice Cream Saturdays” encourages parents to empower their children by having discussions about the dangers they can face from people they know. Dr. Bartley strongly believes that Human Trafficking is a crime against humanity and that all decent people should unite to stop this crime. Her strong conviction is that if we all try to positively impact one child by showing them their worth, despite their circumstances, we can reshape the future of our youth. For the Stories to Create program, Jacqueline Bartley will be able to apply current practices in delivering the training on the selected initiatives. Deliver proven facilitative skills to promote learner engagement, reflective practice, critical thinking, and skill acquisition.

She will be showing mastery in delivering key training strategies commonly used, such as brainstorming, processing, and process checks, roleplays, and practice sessions. She will also use the appropriate levels of intervention when managing difficult training situations, including disruptive learner behaviors. Initiate a personal plan of action to strengthen her training and facilitation skills.

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